Please Read Before You Buy Hobonichi Techo 2019

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In order to provide you with the most satisfaction for your product, we've compiled a list of warnings, potential issues, and tips to keep in mind for this particular product. Please be sure to read this information carefully before placing your order. 


Color and print may vary slightly
This material is first printed or dyed and then later sewn onto the cover. While colors are designed to be consistent, there may be uneven coloring or slight shade variances between covers. This may also happen across a single cover, such as a pocket compared to the rest of the cover. In addition, on rare occasions, there may be small black or white dots visible on the print. This is an unavoidable aspect of the manufacturing process.


Cover may contain variations in stitching or loose lining

When this cover is open flat, exterior stitching areas may appear puckered and lining material may be loose.


Pen holders are rigid at first

The pen holders are rigid at first, making it difficult to insert pens. You can speed up the breaking-in process by rolling the pen holders in your hand.


Actual specifications may vary from listing

Each item is individually assembled and sewn by hand by a factory worker. Best efforts are made to ensure consistent sizes and specifications, but there may be slight differences.


Pen holder fits pens up to 13.5 mm wide
The pen holder is designed to perfectly fit the 12.2 mm (0.48”) diameter Jetstream pen offered as a free bonus gift with select Japanese-version Hobonichi Web Shop products. Pens with certain shapes and materials may be difficult to pull through the holder. The holder can fit pens up to 13.5 mm (0.53”) in diameter.


Avoid storing in hot and humid places

Please avoid storing your product in hot, humid places or placing it atop other objects for long periods of time as this may result in lower quality and color stains.




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