Sailor Shikiori Sakura-mori Ink 20ml


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Sailor Shikiori Fountain Pen Ink 20ml

The "Four Seasons" series is inspired by the four seasons of sailors.
Please enjoy the writing instruments that make you feel the four seasons woven by the nature of Japan. Water-based dye inks.

Sailor Shikiori Chushu Ink 20ml
  • Shikiori Series Mini Bottle Ink for Fountain Pens - The 16 Night Dream (Izayoi)
  • 1 x 20 ml Water Based Dye
  • Ink color: Sakuramori (cherry blossom)/Pink (spring)
  • This is a series that feels like the four seasons of the world and is made by Japanese nature. This ink is based on the color of the season.
  • The 20ml mini size makes it perfect for collecting small quantities.
  • The packaging features a simple, solid design that highlights the charm of the product.

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