Sakura Gelly Roll UV Pens - Set of 3


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Unlock the magic of Gelly Roll UV, the first UV-visible gel ink pen. Our UV ink dries clear and can be seen only under UV light, where the ink glows beautifully in 3 luminous colors: Red, Blue, and Green. 

Explore your creative potential and turn every project into a radiant masterpiece. Gelly Roll UV is not just a pen — it’s a tool of transformation.

Every Gelly Roll UV pen set comes with a complementary UV keychain light. Simply press on to activate the light and watch your creations instantly shine. For extended use, click the “hold” button on top of the keychain light, and enjoy the UV effect for as long as you desire. 

A 1.0 mm ball tip allows you to make a smooth bold line with minimal effort. 

  • Create captivating secret messages
  • Enhance artwork by adding luminous accents
  • DIY invitations and party favors
  • Handmade signs and badges that come alive under UV light
  • Hide correct answers on flashcards, math puzzles, or quizzes to test knowledge
  • Add invisible book notes
  • Create clues for mystery parties or scavenger hunts
  • Customize home décor

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