Tombow Playcolor Dot Markers 12 Colors


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Tombow Playcolor Dot Markers 12 Colors - Water-based Marking Pens

Double tip water-based marker with a round stamp tip to draw dots and an ultrafine tip.

Double tip water-based ink marker featuring a round stamp tip (5 mm diameter) to draw dots and 0.3mm ultrafine tip.
The round stamp tip offers soft colors and the ultrafine tip of 0.3 mm is available in clear bright colors. Enjoy combining dots and lines of different colors.

Round stamp tip offering light shades

Featuring a round stamp tip of 5 mm in diameter. Use it vertically against the paper to draw dots or use the side of the tip to draw thick lines. The stamp type round tip can create various fun patterns.
0.3mm ultrafine tip offering rich bright color

The ultrafine tip allows detailed drawing and writing small letters neatly. The color used for this tip is darker than that of the round stamp tip.


Create pretty line patterns easily!

Add lines to dots and draw amazing pictures!

[12 Color Set] Cherry Red, Sakura, Coral, Orange, Honey Yellow, Apple Green, Mint Green, Sky Blue, Blue, Lilac, Gray, Brown

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