Mushroom Enamel Pin

art by mr.

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Product Name- Mushroom Pin - Glitter Shroom Enamel Pin - Gold Hard Enamel Mushroom - Toadstool Enamel Pin Badge - Toadstool Lapel Pin - Fungi Gift

Glitter Mushroom Pin Badge ūüíõūüćĄ

Gold hard enamel fly agaric pin featuring the most beautiful glittery yellow enamel - I've been so excited about releasing this one! Quirky addition to your enamel pin collection and perfect for all you shroom lovers out there ūüćĄ

Design is based on my original illustration from my 'Rainbow Mushrooms' poster ūüĆą ūüćĄ the pin is an American Eastern Fly Agaric Mushroom - gold metal plated finish with glitter hard enamel, which sparkles perfectly with the light!

Each pin comes on a beautifully illustrated backing card - cute toadstool sitting amongst another shroom and cluster of daisies!

Includes 1 Mushroom Enamel Pin

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