Henrietta Bookplate Stamp (Ex Libris Book Stamp)

The Clever Clove

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A 'From the Library of' rubber stamp for your book collection!  Use this Hedgehog rubber stamp on a gift or on your favorite books (to be sure they're returned to you when loaned or lost) There is space to write your name using your favorite pen or pencil!

BEFORE USE: For best application of this stamp, press the stamp firmly along all sides into the ink pad to ensure adequate coverage of ink across the entire stamp surface. Wipe off any excess ink that is on the outer rim of the stamp.

Place the stamp on paper, place a hardbound book on top of it, and firmly and evenly press down.  I suggest practicing a few times before stamping your book!
  • Measures 2 inches by 2.7 inches
  • I use Ranger brand Archival Ink in Jet Black for print longevity.