Making Your Planner Work For You with Heather from @kellofaplan

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Making Your Planner Work For You with Heather Kell

Heather will guide you through the steps of making your planner work for YOU! She will share tips and tricks and hands on ways to use your planner. In this class she will be showing you how to make different pages in your planner that are focused on the different aspects of your life. For example, she might show you how to make a budget page, a fitness page, a wellness page, a reading page, a meal planning page, etc. Different pages that make your planner work for you and your life.

Guests need to bring their planner + favorite accessories to plan with!

Guests will create different functional pages for their planner alongside Heather.

Stickers + needed supplies will be provided. Sponsored by The Happy Planner®

9702 Spring Cypress, Ste 125, Spring, TX 77379 (Little Craft Place new location)

When / Time (Rescheduled)
Saturday, May 23rd 10am-1pm

 Heather Kell

About Heather Kell 

Heather Kell is a creative planner who loves stickers and organization! Heather was a public school teacher for nine years but was always creating on the side. In 2018, she took the plunge to work on @kellofplan full time and she hasn't looked back. Heather is passionate about sharing products that can be used within the pages of a planner in pretty but practical ways. On her YouTube channel and Instagram page, she teaches others how to use their planner in a way that will change their life! Now you have the opportunity to learn from her LIVE and in person!

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