A5 Pencil Board EDiT Shitajiki

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A "shitajiki" is a flexible writing board, or pencil board, that you place under a sheet of writing paper. It provides a smooth writing surface and prevents your writing from leaving imprints on the pages underneath. Simply slide the board underneath the page you are writing on to transform it into a smooth, firm surface.

It also features a tab marked "Today" so that you can use it as a bookmark. The pencil board has a graph pattern ruled into 5-millimeter squares, the other side has a 18cm ruler, and a “Today” tab on the top corner to mark the current page if you’d like to use it as a bookmark as well.

Size / H197x W132 x D1 mm 
Weight / 16 g 
Material / Paper 
Paper bag with backing paper 
Made in Japan