Kuretake Ai Liner Brush Pen Ultra Fine - Black

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[ai Liner] Is a compact brush pen with an ultra-fine tip and a body style that resembles a cosmetic eyeliner. The tip itself was developed to match the ultra-fine shape of high-quality eyeliners to create delicate lines. Kuretake, which has developed high-quality pen containers for decades, has made the unique "Ai Liner" a reality. *This is a writing instrument, not a cosmetic tool.

[GEAT FOR ILLUSTRATION] The ultra-fine brush "ai Liner" is elastic and has excellent maneuverability and control, and so it is perfect for delicate expressions in illustration as well as hand lettering.

[INK] Draw lines, let dry completely, and color over with no mess! Made with watercolor pigment ink, which is ideal for long lasting Lettering, Calligraphy, Illustration, Outling, Sketching, and any fine line drawing. Once completely dry, ink is resistant to smuding against water-based or alcohol-based markers and other art supplies. Direct liquid type, no wasted excess ink.

[CERTIFICATION] Xylene-free, conforms to ASTM D 4236, ACMI-certified for safety, registered AP mark for sale in the United States. 

[MADE IN JAPAN] Quality control to manage richness and subtlety of colors are carefully considered when produced in Japan.