M351 Board Games Game Night Sticker

Once More With Love

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One sheet of munchkins playing board games! These are perfect for game nights when you decide to play board games like Catan, Pandemic, Monopoly, and more. Also check out our sticker sheet for playing card games if you like to play a variety of games! :)


1) Size - Each sheet is approximately 4.5x3.5 (regular size)

2) Type - Designed for all planners, organizers, calendars, bullet journals, and traveler's notebooks

3) Material - Non-removable matte white adhesive paper

4) Design - All designs are original and created by Margaret Ying of OnceMoreWithLove.

Copyright © 2017 by Margaret Ying of OnceMoreWithLove Designs Inc. All rights reserved. All illustrations, artwork, graphic, characters, logos, and/or design in this listing are the copyrighted works of Margaret Ying of OnceMoreWithLove Designs Inc. 

#omwl #oncemorewithlove

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