Botanical Cats Washi Tape

Stasia Burrington Illustration

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"Botanical Kitties" Stamp-style washi tape This roll of tape includes my botanical kitty painting collection: 10 cute designs!
  • Ginkgo - black Kitty
  • Yuzu -hairless kitty
  • Catnip - tuxedo kitty
  • Borage - black kitty
  • Chamomile - fluffy grey kitty
  • Dandelion - grey kitty
  • Red Clover - tuxedo kitty
  • Yuzu Bath - siamese kitty
  • Oysert Mushroom - black orange and white kitty
  • Nasturtium - tortie kitty
The tape measures 25mm x 5m (1x197in), with each "stamp" measuring 25x35mm (1x1.4mm).
"washi" is the Japanese word for paper. This delicate paper tape is perfect for scrapbooking, art projects, and including in and on snail mail for friends!

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