Hobonichi Day-Free Cover BS Lite (Blue) A6 Size

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Day-Free Cover

BS Lite (Blue)A6 Size (fits Day-Free Original)

BS Lite is a techo cover that provides superior portability with a snug fit for the monthly notebook techo Day-Free.

They replicate a popular feature of the standard Hobonichi Techo covers: the “butterfly-stopper” pen-holders that store a pen and keep the cover shut inside your bag.

Its snug fit around the slimmer A6 size Day-Free notebook is easy to see and feel—this cover is thin and light, making it comfortable to carry around.

The cover material is a high-quality, sturdy polyester. It’s lightweight but durable, so it will last a long time.

The blue cover is a refreshing and intellectual shade of blue that’s reminiscent of the Day-Free notebook itself. This color is surprisingly uncommon and shows how the techo explores limitless possibilities.

BS Lite has a single bookmark with a faux leather charm at the end.

The ivory-colored pen-holders in BS Lite are small, at only 13 mm tall, but can both hold a single pen by its clip.

The cover interior includes a “smile pocket” that can hold a business card lengthwise, and a “ticket pocket” that can hold bulkier items.

The BS Lite is simple but powerfully portable, so it can accompany you anywhere.