Cat Pandora MT Masking Tape • Japanese Washi Tape

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猫遊びCalico Cat Pandora Box Japanese Washi Tape. Create adorable projects using this Japanese Washi Tape. They are easy to tear, you can write on it and they are easy to reposition. Featuring bright and colorful designs, this easy-to-use tape is a wonderful accent for scrapbooks, albums, journals, frames, tables and even walls!

• Size approx. 15mm/10m
• Country of manufacture: Japan
• Material / component: Washi Paper
• Perfect for arts & crafts, scrapbooking, packaging and paper crafting project.
• Last picture shown other designs in the same collection, each sold separately.

fujiko-chan masking Tape
These masking tapes are a "a calico cat and her friends" pattern designed by pandora-box company.

A story of fujiko-chan.
A calico cat name is fujiko-chan.The master of cat is an apprentice-wizard.
She hoped to talk with fujiko-chan, so she used magic.
But it made mistake !!
After that, not only fujiko-chan, but all cats of the town also became able to speak japanese. New cat world was born. No way!

This tape is perfect for all paper projects! Use as a border to make unique scrapbook pages! This tape has the perfect amount of adhesive; letting the tape hold firm when it needs to and; if needed; being able to remove with minimal chance of tear.