Color Swatch Washi Sticker Rolls Green Kamio Japan

Kamio Japan

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Kamio Japan Green Color Swatch Washi Sticker Rolls 日本の色見本帖  野中の色

Presenting Kamio Color Swatch Washi Sticker Rolls, each roll consists of 120 pieces of beautiful washi stickers in shades of colors. Each sticker peels off individually from the roll and is in circle shape but not a perfect circle, giving them a fun, organic and hand-drawn look, the watercolor effect on the stickers are perfect for decorating your journal and planner! You can also write on these stickers with oil-based and ballpoint pens, making scheduling and labeling so easy =)

  • 120 pcs (each roll 8 colors x15 pcs
  • Diameter of each circle: approx. 0.7 in (18 mm)  
  • Made in Japan