Hobonichi Techo Day-Free 2022 A6 Size (Book Only)

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Hobonichi Techo Day-Free 2022 A6 Size

A6 Size / January Start

The Day-Free Original Size is an A6 size monthly techo that was introduced in the 2020 edition lineup. It’s split into two main parts: monthly calendars and a graph-paper notebook. The book fits nicely into covers designed for the standard Hobonichi Techo Original.

Because the book is half the size of the full-year Original, it’s also light and portable.

The monthly calendar is the same calendar you’ll find in the standard Original book, designed with graph paper to make it easy to use. The 2022 edition will contain entries for December 2021 through March 2023.

The blank graph paper notebook contains a total of 171 pages and is comprised of 3.7 mm squares.

You can fill in as much as you want at a time without feeling constricted to dates. Keep a journal, draw a picture or graph, paste in ticket stubs, scribble on the pages, and fill the pages with capricious whims or meticulous plans — it’s all up to you.

The Day-Free blank notebook section includes the Hobonichi Techo’s characteristic daily quotes in Japanese.

The bottom right corner of each spread features illustrations by Shinsuke Yoshitake, drawn specially for the Day-Free. The drawing are of scenes of every day lives, such as children running and donuts for snack time. There are 85 pieces all placed at random, so we hope you enjoy looking at each piece and flipping throgh the pages, as if you're taking a look at Yoshitake's collection of work.

The Day-Free includes other sections from the standard daily techo book: the yearly calendar, the yearly index page, and the informational pages in the back of the book.