Day Hiiragi Yuka Letter Set Writing Papers & Envelopes

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Day Letter Set Writing Papers & Envelopes from Illustrator Hiiragi Yuka.

Whether you want say thank you or just want to keep in touch with an old friend, write a little love letter to that special person or simply sending a "Hello" to your penpal. These Letter Set let you leave your mark on the world, these stationery set surely make a lasting impression.

  • Letter Paper 12 Pcs (145×181mm)
  • Envelope 4 Pcs (94×165mm)
  • Made in Japan


Yuka Hiiragi: Under the motto, "To make something invisible and deliver something to someone," he worked beyond the boundaries of fields such as illustration, writing, and selection. In addition to exhibitions at home and abroad, he will be involved in general manufacturing, such as Taiwanese event visuals, illustrations, textiles, and wall hangings by 100 artists, including Maiko Seo's "Gentle Music".