Deep Ocean Fish Washi Tape • Mind Wave Japanese Masking Tape (3 rolls)

Mind Wave

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Deep Water Fish Washi Tape Set of 3 include designs like Coelacanth, Giant Squid, Sunfish, Oar Fish, Anglerfish, Blob Fish, Flapjack Octopus etc.

These Japanese washi tapes are easy to tear, you can write on it and they are easy to reposition. Featuring bright and colorful designs, this easy-to-use tape is a wonderful accent for scrapbooks, albums, journals, frames, tables and even walls! 

Body size approximately:
7mm Width x Length 7m
15mm Width x Length 7m
20mm width x Length 7m
*Includes a set of 3 washi tapes. Last pic shown are the designs in the same collection, each sold separately.