Dumpling Day - Dimsum Bingo Set (For 5)

Wonton In A Million

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Includes 5 bingo cards and 5 collectible sticker sheets for a delicious game of DIMSUM BINGO 🙂  I designed this hoping to inspire you to go patronize your local dimsum restaurants, pick up some takeout, try some new dishes! Chinese restaurants and Chinatowns all over have been struggling from COVID and anti-Asian sentiment since February. If it's safe in your area to do so, here's how to play:

1 - Invite your favorite dimsum companions to dimsum
2 - Order a feast!!
3 - When you eat a dimsum item, mark it off on your bingo card with a sticker.
4 - Get super full.
5 - The last (or first) player to get bingo picks up the check.

 Lightweight Glossy Postcard Stock
SIZE: 5"x7" (Cards and Sticker Sheet)
COUNT: 5 bingo cards and 5 sticker sheets

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