Eiffel Tower Rainbow Ink Pre-Inked Stamp • MyRubberStamp Exclusive Multi-color Pre-inked Stamp

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MyRubberStamp Exclusive!! For the first time ever, MyRubberStamp came up with the multicolor ink for pre-inked stamps. Introducing Paris Eiffel Tower Pre-inked Stamp in rainbow inks, original design, proudly made in Houston.

[One of its kind uniqueness]
♥ Each individual piece looks different in terms of ink colors. Ink color hue as shown in pictures though it cannot be guaranteed that it will comes out exactly like the pictures, afterall, they are handmade. 

• Size: Approx. 2x1 inches
• This listing is for 1 Pre-inked Stamp.
• Proof is not available for this design.
• Color of the handle/casing is not an option. We will send you the next available stamp we have in our inventory.
• Refill is not available for multicolor pre-inked stamp.
• Last few images are just samples of other multi-color pre-inked stamp we made and used in journal layout.


{ What is a Pre-inked Stamp? }

Our Pre-inked Stamp provides 100% clean, consistent and crisp impressions. It is excellent for office use, businesses, wedding purposes, return addresses, logos and any text where the quality of the impression is most important.

Pre-inked Stamp holds ink within its own ink-saturated die. There is no ink pad which flips up and down like a self-inker. These double inner sponges hold enough ink for hundreds to thousands of impressions without re-inking. Pre-inked stamps are re-inkable using a oil-based ink. Re-inking is easy to do by pulling off the handle and adding several drops of ink to the well. They are always ready for action, save time and easy to carry around. Now say goodbye to messy ink pads =)