Hobonichi 5-Year Techo A6 Size (2023-2027) Japanese


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Hobonichi 5-Year Techo A6 Size (2023-2027)

A6 Size / Japanese / 2023-2027 / Five Years in One Book

      *The 5-Year techo does not fit in covers meant for standard one-year techo books.

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      This A6-size book has pages dated across a 5-year span. The textured cover is a calming shade of brown with the years foil-pressed in gold, and the book contains a dark brown bookmark for a complete look that works well without adding an additional cover.

      Each page contains the same, easy-to-use 3.7 mm graph paper as the A6 Hobonichi Techo Original, making it perfect for writing or drawing. The paper is a subtle cream color that’s easy on the eyes, and the printing is charcoal gray to allow handwriting to stand out from the page.

      On each spread, the left page has the date and day of the week for all 5 years, with days of the week written in Japanese.

      Because each page contains a total of 5 days, a single day’s entry is compact enough to either fill with writing or write a single sentence and feel satisfied with the entry. It’s a perfect setup for those who are worried about being able to continue using a book for 5 years.
      (Holidays are not listed in the book.)

      The right page is a blank page for anything you’d like — continuing entries you couldn’t fit on the left, jotting notes you’d like to leave for the future, pasting items, and more. The Japanese daily quotes on the bottom of the page are excerpts from Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun articles from the past years. We renewed the daily quotes five years after its first release.

      The book has the same thread-stitch binding as a dictionary, allowing it to lay flat open for comfortable writing. The Tomoe River paper provides an especially smooth writing experience, with thin, light paper that allows the book to have 752 pages while staying compact.

      The start of the book contains a yearly calendar across the 5-year span. The back of the book contains useful pages such as “A Year Per Page” memo pages, “Gifts” for tracking gifts given and received, “Addresses” to list important contact information, “My Lists” for making a list of any theme of your choice, “My Favorite Things” to write down your favorite things by answering questions, and “Personal Notes” to record information about yourself. (These pages are in Japanese.)

      The Hobonichi 5-Year Techo will be delivered in a turquoise blue paper box. The box will contain a user manual and a test sheet of paper for you to get a feel for the paper and test pen or ink compatibility.

      Book (5-Year Techo / Japanese / January Start)

      Size A6 size
      H: 153 x W: 113 x T: 25 mm / H: 6.0" x W: 4.5" x T: 1.0"
      *Actual book size may vary slightly
      Weight Approx. 340 g
      Pages 752 pages
      Main Material PVC, paper
      Paper Type / Binding Thin, light Tomoe River paper resistant to bleeding and designed for planners / Stitch-binding
      Graph Paper Size 3.7 mm
      Yearly Calendar 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2037
      Daily Pages Jan. 1, 2023 - Dec. 31, 2027
      Daily Quotes One quote per two-page spread (Japanese)
      Bonus Pages Yearly Memo Page / Remember This / Gifts / Addresses (for 6 people) / My Lists / My Favorite Things / Personal Notes