40% OFF Hobonichi Makino Collection Navy x Brown 2020 A6 Book & Cover Set (English)

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Makino CollectionNavy x BrownA6 Size (fits Planner and Original)

Takashi Makino curates Japan’s highest-quality textiles for the top brands across the world in fashion and sports. For four years his famous “Makino Collection” series was featured in popular Hobonichi Techo covers, from 2009 to 2012.

The collection returns in the 2020 lineup, with covers featuring textiles recommended by Makino.

Look closely and you’ll see a wavy texture on the surface of this cover. This is called seersucker, a weaving method popular for clothes. Seersucker weaves together both shrunken and unshrunken threads, giving it a complex texture.

The silver threads in the pattern also give off a shine that gives the cover its special appeal. The line variation in this pattern is a special feature unique to seersucker fabrics.

The complex color scheme and sparkling silver threads make this a playful cover that also exudes a sense of fashion.

The pen holders act as a hinge, keeping the cover safely shut while you store a pen inside. The cover contains two bookmarks, one with a rectangle charm and one with a triangle charm, so you can keep your place in two parts of the book, such as the monthly calendar and the daily page.