Hobonichi Cover ohayo (Gray) [5-Year Techo] A6 Size


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minä perhonen

ohayo (Gray) [5-Year Techo]

A6 Size (fits 5-Year Techo)

* 5-year planner sold separately here.

      minä perhonen creates timeless, all-original garment textiles that are specially dyed, embroidered, and woven to recreate hand-drawn designs.

      We created this Hobonichi 5-Year Techo cover in the hope you will spend your five years with this minä perhonen textile growing more attached to it every time you touch it.

      The ohayo textile features small flowers embroidered intermittently across the background. The fluffy embroidery of the flowers seem to call out to you and wish you a good morning (“Ohayo” in Japanese), giving this textile an energizing and innocent look. The cover material is cotton linen with a rough, bumpy texture, and the fluffy flowers are pleasant to the touch.

      The cover interior is a natural leather to enjoy it maturing, and there is a tag on the bottom-right.

      The pen hook on the right-hand side of the cover interior is designed to hold a pen by its clip.

      Each cover contains a unique arrangement of the pattern. We hope you enjoy your one-of-a-kind cover.