PERFORATED WASHI TAPE 6mm set of 2 - HYDRATION droplets CORAL/MERMINT + sparkler silver holo (Mermaid Dreams Release)

Simply Gilded

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Make decorating a snap with perforated strips of the simply gilded clean, classic, and versatile hydration design washi tape.  Perfectly fits a number of planners (strips measure 1.5" across)  Strips come apart with a simple tug!  All you need to do is mark off each *droplet* as you complete your hydration intake!  (8 droplets per strip)

This set includes:
♥ Coral HYDRATION droplets + sparkler silver holographic foil - 6mm x 10m
♥ Mermint HYDRATION droplets + sparkler silver holographic foil - 6mm x 10m

A simply gilded design.

This listing is for the 2 washi tapes listed above ONLY

© simply gilded 2020


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