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Please note these cloth masks are not medical grade and should not be treated as such. Please do not relax on social distancing or hand hygiene as wearing a cloth mask is not a replacement to any other ongoing preventive measures.

This listing is for 1 x Kids Size Cloth Mask. Please pick the size option you would like, there are two sizes, small and medium. 

Ref: My 6 y/o wears a small. And my 12 y/o wears a Medium.

About the masks:

‣ reusable⁣ and washable

‣ 3 layer mask:
outer layer: 100% polyester
middle layer & inner layer: 100% cotton

‣ small metal nose bridge piece for a tighter seal

‣ pocket that allows for a filter (e.g. tissue, paper towels, coffee filter, hepa filter) - filtered NOT included

‣ adjustable ear-loop elastic

‣ approximate sizes when folded in half:

      height 5" x width 4" (kids size Small)

      height 5.25" x width 4.5" (kids size Medium)

‣ do not place mask on infants or kids younger than 3 years old

Notes: ⁣

‣ no returns or exchanges due to hygiene reasons⁣

How to care for your cloth mask: ⁣

‣ wash your mask before 1st use and after every use⁣

‣ before washing, make sure to remove any filter material that you have put inside the mask

‣ for hand washing:
- hand wash your mask using soapy cold water for at least 20 seconds

‣ for machine washing:
- put the mask in a laundry net bag or pillowcase first for protection
- wash on gentle cycle in cold water with detergent

‣ drying
- let air dry
- if you must tumble dry, use delicate mode and low heat
- avoid tumble dry in high heat as it may shrink the mask

‣ Ironing
- low temperature
- do not iron on the metal nose piece, the elastic, the shoe lace or on the artwork side directly
- iron on the pocket side