KITTA Clear Tape Seaside


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Seaside KITTA Clear Tape

These pre-cut strips of washi tape come in a slim packet that stores nicely in your Hobonichi Planner, Journal and Traveler's Notebook cover pocket.

The tape height is 15mmm, and each strip is 50mm long for a perfect fit in your planner page. You can also tape the washi tape strip out from the edge of your page to make a decorated index tab.

Each tape set includes 4 colorful designs and 10 pieces each (40 total). The set comes in a case that folds in half to the size of a business card, making it fit perfectly into a cover pocket.
The pre-cut strips make it easy to just pull tape pieces out one at a time without having to cut it yourself, and the clean edges also look nice on paper.

  • 4 designs, 10 each, total 40pcs
  • Size (Tape) 15 x 50 mm
  • Size (Packaging) 55 x 91 mm    

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