Magnet Journal Pink B6 EDiT 2019 Handbook Schedule Book Diary


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EDiT Magnet Journal Grey B6 2019 Handbook Schedule Book Diary. One-page-per-day planner works just as well for journaling as it does for business, personal, school, and work scheduling. Starts January 2019. Made in Japan

The smooth, high-quality, thin but strong paper is what makes this planner so special, the paper is resistant to bleeding, and allows ink to dispense smoothly across the paper which make them suitable for fountain pens and a wide variety of other writing instruments.


The planner features a format with a page devoted to each day. From schedule management to life log, the spacious daily pages makes it easy to plan your schedule, write notes, doodling, sketch, draw diagrams, and divide the page into sections. The hours from 6:00 to 21:00 are labeled on the left. The remaining lines can be used to schedule the rest of the 24 hours, or to make notes about the day. Checkboxes at the bottom of each page let you keep track of to-dos.


【Beginning of January 2019 / 464P】

  • B6 size / H180 × W120 mm 
  • Body size / H193 × W145 × D25 mm 
  • Weight / 405 g 
  • Cover removable 
  • Diary refillable
  • Magnet attached PU cover 
  • Inside card pocket 
  • Pen holder 
  • 2 spins ribbon page markers
  • How to use Leaflet 
  • PP bag 
  • Made in Japan

It is magnet type cover using PU material of smooth texture. In addition to a feminine design that one point brilliance shines gently, a jacket cover that is easy to open and close with one touch, also has storage capacity and practicality is active in business scenes. This planner is almost entirely in English, but some holidays are listed in Japanese. Japanese transit maps are labeled in Japanese.

Monthly page October 2018 - January 2020 
(one month spread)
Daan · Buddha · Friend notation Week number Moon calendar display
Daily page January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019 
(1 page a day)
11 national holidays display 
(Japan, the UK, France, France, Italy, Germany, Germany, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Korea)
Moon calendar display
Facing spread 2018/2019/2020
Annual plan Annual planning page 
Monthly planning page
Ruled line memo 
Personal data
End information World Map / Time Zone Table Overseas Holidays List 10 countries 
(USA, UK, France, Italy, Italy, Germany, Germany, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Korea)

9 cities in Japan Domestic routes Map of the world 6 cities Subway route map

※ This product cover is a material that deteriorates naturally with the passage of time by polyurethane resin processing. For long-term storage, the condition of deterioration will vary depending on the customer's storage condition.