Maste Perforated Washi Tape for Diary Girly Date


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Maste Perforated Washi Tape for Diary  Date Hand-Drawn Monochrome

Hand-Drawn Girly Date Masté Washi Tape for Journal. Use this easy-to-write-on washi tape to add decorative dates to your journal, planner and notebook. Unlike typical washi tape, this tape can be written on with ordinary water-based pens. This washi tape set includes numbers 1-31 for the days of the month, the space under the number is for you to write the month or day of the week. 

These washi tapes are perforated so you can tear them without using scissors or a cutter. 

• Includes 2 rolls of washi tapes -  Hand-Drawn Girly Date design.
• Size / Package: H90 x W 115 x D 
• 45 mm Tape width 22 mm x 2 winding total length 5 m 
• Material / Japanese paper 
• Perforated 
• Blister pack with mounting 
•  1 year with 1 per day usage
•  Made in Japan