Mewmaid Treasure Scented Erasers - 4 pc Set


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Make a splash with these 3 Mew-maids erasers. And guess what? They have a little treasure for you too! The Mew-Maid Treasure Scented Erasers have a delicious vanilla cupcake scent that is sure to excite with every pencil mistake you erase away!  


You don’t have to dive deep into the sea to discover Mew-Maids and hidden treasure–just open a pack of the Mew-maid Treasure Scented Erasers! These 3 kitten mermaids eraser are perfect for erasing graphite pencil mistakes and also for creative use too! Plus, if you look carefully enough, you can open the treasure box! What’s inside? You’ll have to get one to find out!

Set of four pencil erasers - three mew-maids and one in the treasure chest 

Hidden treasure included - can you unlock the surprise?

Vanilla cupcake scented - release the scent when you use

Suitable for ages 6 and up