Murderino Enamel Pin

Punky Pins

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Sexy AF? Check. Unhealthy obsession with true crime? Check. Murderino? Check! Oh, we see you. And you totes deserve this rosette to declare you’re staying sexy and not getting murdered. Plus, should you find yourself in a forest... Take this off and you’ll have a teeny tiny weapon to protect you.

You can’t spell manslaughter without laughter! Find the lighter side of horrible butchery and carnage with this savage collection of true crime pins inspired by our fave podcast, My Favourite Murder.

Hard enamel pin badge measuring 33mm x 20.5mm

Whether you are looking for cool pins to add to your jacket or backpack, or you are on the hunt for the perfect present for someone special, Punky Pins has got you covered. These bold statement pins are great for jackets, backpacks and more.

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