Mushroom Cats Meowshrooms Washi Tape

Stasia Burrington Illustration

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"Meowshrooms" Stamp-style washi tape This roll of tape includes my mushroom kitty painting collection, for mycologists and meowcologists!!
10 cute designs!
  • Fly Agaric
  • Golden Scalycap
  • Lobster
  • Little Brown Mushies
  • Puffballs
  • Golden Oyster
  • Morel
  • Rosy Bonnet
  • King Bolete
  • Satan's Bolete
The tape measures 25mm x 5m (1x197in), with each "stamp" measuring 25x35mm (1x1.4mm).
"washi" is the Japanese word for paper. This delicate paper tape is perfect for scrapbooking, art projects, and including in and on snail mail for friends!

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