Mushroom Sticker Pack - Set of 6

art by mr.

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Mushroom Sticker Pack ūüćĄūüćĄūüćĄ This is a listing for a set of 6 colourful and magical watercolor mushroom stickers!

The designs include: 

  • Fly Agaric (Red Mushroom)
  • Amethyst Deceiver (Purple Mushroom with Slug)
  • Sky Blue (Blue Mushroom)
  • Shaggy Parasol is (Brown Mushroom)¬†
  • Orange Waxcup
  • Scarlet Waxcup

Educational and scientific, quirky nature matte stickers - great for scrapbooking or documenting your houseplants!

Original watercolour illustrations done by myself by hand - and now turned into lovely die-cut stickers for your pleasure! Quirky addition to your laptop, phone or notebook

Size: - Varying between 7-10cm

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