Hobonichi Pencil Board (Shaun Tan) For A6 Size (Planner/Original)

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Hobonichi Pencil Board (Shaun Tan) For A6 Size (Planner/Original)

The Hobonichi Pencil Board is always among the most popular accessories for the Hobonichi Techo. The boards come in three sizes to match any of the techo books, with each one providing a sturdy and comfortable writing surface so you can use a ballpoint pen without making indents on the page below. There’s also a tab on the corner of the pencil boards, making it easier to use them as a bookmark for whatever day you’re currently on.

For this 20th edition of the Hobonichi Techo, we’ve gathered all kinds of new designs for the Hobonichi Pencil Board lineup. (Counting each size separately, there are 20 types total.)

This pencil board is for the A6 Original/Planner, and depicts an artwork is by Australian illustrator, comic book artist, and picture book author Shaun Tan. One of his most popular works, Arrival, is a wordless graphic novel. We chose an especially symbolic scene from the book; the scenery of the town, to be featured on this pencil board. We hope you spread your wings of imagination by looking closely at the fantastical town that's drawn meticulously.

Also available is an matching Arrival cover that would be nice to use alongside this pencil board.

  • This listing includes 1 Pencil Boards A6 Planner / Original size.

For A6 Size (Planner/Original)

Size W: 103mm x H: 150mm / W: 4.1" x H: 6.0" (excluding index)
Weight 6 g
Main material Yupo
Exterior: Matte PP