Pentel Dual Metallic Brush Pen - Gold


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Pentel Dual Metallic Brush Pen - Gold

Enjoy two colors with a special combination of brightly colored ink and metallic sparkles with these Pentel Dual Metallic Brush Markers. They have unique glitter ink that changes color depending on the angle of view, and also look different on black and white paper.  

  • Shake the pen gently to mix the glitter particles throughout the ink before use.
  • To increase the amount of ink in the tip and adjust ink flow, simply press the button on the back of the pen.
  • Store the pen horizontally when not in use.
  • Reminder: Dropping the pen, shaking it vigorously, or pressing the button on the back of the pen when it is capped may cause some ink to leak into the cap.
  • These brush markers are great for calligraphy, create shimmering artwork and add some sparkle to your paper crafting projects.

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