Peony B6 Notebook Les Secrets LADURÉE par MARK’S Inc.

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Notebook · B6 (Peony) [ Les Secrets LADURÉE by Marks]
Size / Body: H182xW130xD12mm
Weight / 187g
Material / Paper
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Les Secrets LADURÉE who tells Paris's elegance, wears a new contemporary atmosphere with a dressing as well.

It is a note of a chic design which boldly treated a flower motif based on black.

Items that have expressions that have never before been combined with "Scully Ladure" like fine quality and modern mood. Please enjoy the magic of  Les Secrets LADURÉE to let an adult woman admire.

« Les Secrets LADURÉE par MARK’S Inc. » is a stationery collection created through the collaboration of Mark’s Inc. with Ladurée, which is expanding worldwide as a luxury brand.

Featuring icons representative of the Ladurée brand - Ladurée’s signature crown logo, the cats and dogs that can be called the Ladurée family, and sweets such as macarons and religieuses - and presented in beautiful boxes, these items are overflowing with Ladurée esprit.

As a gift to someone special or to oneself, this beautiful collection is sure to delight the hearts of Ladurée lovers everywhere.