Color Pour Resin Mold Catch All Dish 3/Pkg

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      Catch All Dish Mold - Square, Circle & Heart

      Easily create unique resin projects with these molds! They're perfect for making custom designs, decorations and all sorts of crafts. Pair these molds with Color Pour Resin dye powders and other products for unique projects every time.

      This 3x4.75x3 inch package contains three catch-all dish silicone molds in assorted shapes. Imported.

      1. Prepare workspace (put down a tarp, wear gloves)
      2. Measure equal parts resin and hardener and mix together until the resin is clear with no streaks. Stir slowly to avoid bubbles.
      3. Add desired glitter mix-ins, foil flakes, and colorant of choice to resin.
      4. Pour resin into catch-all dish mold.
      5. Use heat gun to help remove any bubbles from resin (optional).
      6. Let the resin cure overnight.
      7. Remove your project from mold.