Swing Cool Wallet Sets 4/Pkg Colors Set Stabilo

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These flat, pocket-sized highlighters feature a glossy and striped look and a non-slip, matte-finish grip zone. The fluorescent, water-based ink is ideal for paper, copies and faxes. The 4-color wallet set contains blue, green, pink and yellow.

  • ANTI DRY-OUT The STABILO swing cool can be left uncapped for up to four hours
  • NON-SLIP With a non-slip, matt-finish grip zone and pocket size, the STABILO swing cool is perfect for school and university
  • PRACTICAL CLIP It comes with a handy clip for on the go anytime anywhere
  • PRECISE WORK Perfect for quick highlights over block of text and underlining words with 2 line widths: 1mm and 4mm
Perfect for journaling, planners, paper crafting and more. Markers are acid free, non-toxic with a dye-based ink.