VersaCraft Soramame Ink Pad Kiriko


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VersaCraft Soramame Ink Pad - Set of 4 Color by Tsukineko.

These thumb-sized ink pads feature pigment based ink that works well on a variety of surfaces including paper, fabric, unfinished wood, terracotta - unglazed pottery, and leather. To use, insert your index finger into the hollow of the ink pad, and gently dab the ink onto a stamp or stencil. Their small size makes it easier to apply ink precisely to the stamps and to combine multiple colors onto the stamp, creating a beautiful multi-colored stamping impression.

This set includes 4 colors: Ayame (purple), Zouge (ivory), Mizuhanada (light blue) and Uguisu (green).

  • 4 ink pads.
  • Ink Pad Diameter: 0.5”
  • Pigment Ink
  • Plastic holding tray.
  • Color label stickers included
  • Suitable for paper, fabric, wood, and terracotta
  • Double-sided tape for attaching multiple trays together.

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