Sailor Profit Junior x 10 Yurameku Fountain Pen & Ink Set - Byakuya


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Limited Edition Sailor Profit Jr. x 10 Yurameku Fountain Pen & Ink Set Kyokkou

Introducing the Sailor Profit Jr. +10 Fountain Pen Set, which includes a 10ml mini bottle of  Yurameku shimmering ink, a fountain pen with a shimmering matching color, and a converter. Yurameku ink featuring shimmering ink as it changes color over time and reacts uniquely to different paper types.

Pen body is made of polarized pearl resin, which creates color variations that change with the lighting and viewing angles, that matches the shimmering colors of ink.

The fountain pen features calligraphy Fude nib, allowing the flexibility for writing strokes from thin to thick.

  • Body Color: White Iridescent
  • Body Material: Resin
  • Cap Type: Screw-cap
  • Nib Color: Silver
  • Nib Material: Stainless Steel
  • Nib Size: Calligraphy MF
  • Trim: Nickel Chrome Plated
  • Refill Mechanism: Converter & Proprietary Cartridge
  • Compatible Inks Refills: Ink Bottle & Proprietary Cartridge
  • Included Accessories: 10ml Ink Bottle, Converter
  • Length (Closed): 135mm
  • Made in Japan

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