Zebra bLen 3C Kuromi Ballpoint Pen (3 Colors)


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Limited Edition Zebra bLen x Sanrio Kuromi Ballpoint Pen 3C (3 Colors)

The Zebra bLen retractable ballpoint pen provides a unique and innovative vibration-free writing experience. It is designed with "stress reduction" in mind, Blen's unique shape with a rubber grip section that allows for a relaxed and stress-free grip, providing comfort even for a long period of writing time.

The Zebra bLen pen has a low center of gravity, controlled writing vibration, noise free writing control, ink blur control, and dense and smooth ballpoint ink. Each pen has blue, black, and red ink in .5mm tip size. 

The Zebra bLen pen uses smooth and vibrant emulsion ballpoint ink, which is acid free, archival, and water resistant.

Nib: 0.5 mm
Ink Color: Black + Blue + Red
Includes 1 pen

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