Kuretake ZIG Cartoonist Brush Pen White Ink Ultra Fine


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Kuretake ZIG Cartoonist Brush Pen White Ink - Ultra Fine

Twist the base of the pen to eject ink into the brush. It is filled water-based pigment ink that does not easily flow into water when it dries. ULTRA FINE brush tip easily creates fine lines. Brush pen white is easier and more convenient to use than bottled white ink.

  • [FOR BRUSH LETTERING, HIGHLIGHTING] Ideal for not only adding white highlights to illustrations and manga or comics, but also for brush lettering and hand lettering. It is effective on darker colored paper. Can be used on alcohol based markers as well as water-based pigment ink.

  • [USAGE] How to use White Brush Pen: Remove the cap, and with the pen tip facing downwards, twist the opposing end of the pen clockwise 5-10 times to stimulate ink flow. As you twist, you will hear a clicking sound. If the ink does not come out, continue twisting the base gradually, checking the ink flow at the tip as you do so.

  • [CERTIFICATED] Xylene-free, conforms to ASTM D 4236, ACMI-certified for safety, registered AP mark for sale in the United States. [ATTENTION] Please be sure to wipe brush clean after each use to prevent buildup and clogging.

  • [ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURER] Kuretake launched its first brush pen in 1973, continuing to expand the line with each product having unique features, and a variety of uses. The brush pen is most commonly used for calligraphy, lettering, sketching, outlining, inking illustrations and ink washing.