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Bob Ross' happy paintings, memorable hairstyle and quirky catchphrases make us grin from ear to ear. This kit includes a Bob Ross bobblehead figure that plays ten different wise and witty sayings from the art master. Also included is a mini easel book featuring Ross' landscape works, which can be displayed alongside the bobblehead figure.
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This mini Himalayan mood lamp is made from real salt and rotates through a rainbow of colors!
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Zen meets cats — and kitty litter — in this calming Zen garden kit that includes everything you need to reach ultimate enlightenment.
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My Bookshelf Coffee Mug
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Rainbow Umbrella. Add a rainbow of color to a rainy day with this delightful full sized 24 rib multicolored umbrella.
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The Everyday Tarot Kit includes a 78-card Tarot deck, with fully-illustrated, 2.5" X 3.5" cards, a 88-page mini book, with card meanings and sample spreads and a magnetic-closure keepsake box for card storage.
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Itty Bitty Marquees Mini Edition
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