TRAVELER'S Notebook 004 Zipper Case (Passport Size)

Traveler's Company

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TRAVELER'S COMPANY TRAVELER'S notebook 004 Zipper Case - Passport Size

This is a zipper case that you can insert into your passport size TRAVELER’S notebook. One end is a zipper case, and another end has a pocket. In the zipper case, you can put coins and receipts you acquire during your trip, and in the other end, you can put your mileage card. Also, the back side of the pocket will allow you to insert the cover of your passport or your refill.

  • 1 Zipper Pocket + 2 Pockets, Made of PVC
  • H 5.1" x W 7.4" x D 0.28" (OPEN)
  • No.14316006

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