Black & Natural Burlap Twine (50 Yards)

February Design

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Black & Natural Duo Color Jute Twine 3-ply twine - 100% Jute.

Burlap Twine or Jute is wonderful for adding a rustic & natural look to your craft projects. The strength and durability will ensure your project lasts. Great for decorating, crafting, hanging, wrapping, tying and bundling. It is a versatile product that can be used for jewelry making, wall hangings, pottery holders and any number of home decor and craft projects.

• Twine 3-ply 1/8" x 50 yards
• 100% natural
• 100% jute
• 3-ply
• Perfect for packaging decorations, arts & crafts, scrapbooking and paper crafting project.


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