Sanby x Eric Small Things Techno Touch Rotating Stamp


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A collaboration with the Japanese artist Eric Small Things, this stamp is perfect for decorating journals, planners, calendars, and scrapbooks.

With 3 independent rubber bands of 11 patterns each, the 33 patterns in total allow for 1331 unique combinations for either functional or decorative stamping.

If you would like to use just an icon, choose the blank strip.

  • Includes 1 rotating stamp, not pre-inked, you'll need an ink pad.
  • 10 Ring Apparatus. 
  • Product size measures approx. 110mm x 62mm x 30mm (4.3'' x 2.4'' x 1.2'')
  • Impression measures approx. 5mm x 43mm (0.2" x 1.7")

Erico Matsubara, also known as Eric Small Things, is a Japanese illustrator and eraser stamp artist who is known for her small and nostalgic stationery-themed drawings.

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