Evolutions Reusable Sticker Book

Riskit Design

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A place to store, organize, and display your sticker collection! Pages of the book are made of “release paper” which is similar to the material you peel your stickers off of. This allows you to place stickers on the pages but it will keep them sticky so that you can remove them to reorganize or for when you’re ready to use them.

What Works in these Books? Vinyl stickers, paper stickers, stamps, and washi tape. Disclaimer: We cannot vouch for the tackiness of every sticker in the world. Some of your sticker collection that you’ve had for years (maybe even decades!) or cheaply made stickers just might not be very sticky. They may not stick well to the pages but this is not a reflection of the book’s quality.

Book is 5x7 inches in size. Includes 50 double sided sheets. Each book comes with an information card in the plastic sleeves with all of the details listed above. More designs being launched later this year!

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