Gansai Tambi Watercolors - Set of 100 in Wooden Box


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<120th Anniversary Products> Gansai Tambi 100 color set is now available in limited edition!

This is a limited release set that includes all 100 colors of Gansai Tambi packaged beautifully in a wooden box. A wide range of vivid colors can be used without mixing colors. The box is designed with flower and plant embellishments, which are common motifs used in Japanese paintings. The box is compact and easy to use and is recommended as a gift item.

- Gansai Tambi 100 colors (Normal color: 72 colors / Metallic, Pearl, Opal, Graphite, Gem colors: 28 colors)

- Blank color chart (4 sheets)

The rich and intense colors of Gansai Tambi are handcrafted, professional-quality pigment inks. These high-caliber watercolors are blendable with a creamy-smooth feel that show up on dark paper. By using original colors instead of mixing with other colors, the colors obtain a higher brilliance.

Product Features Japanese traditional paint for professional artists and crafters, it can be used as a gouache, and watered down for use as a watercolor.
Ideal for sketching, illustration, card making and more.

GANSAI TAMBI It is traditional, Japanese watercolor, developing colors that are based off of those seen in nature. Colors are vivid and opaque, and pans are carefully fill so that the paint is smooth, rather than granulated, and dries with a slight sheen. Individual pans are replaceable.

Ink Unique technology allows for the development of pigment ink that leaves flat-washes easily, while remaining easy to blend. Gansai Tambi ink can be diluted to create a more watercolor-like picture, while still remaining bright and opaque, or can be used as a gauche by limiting water dilution. Ink dries with a slight sheen

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