Hobonichi Clear Cover for HON A6 Size


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Clear Cover for HON A6 Size

This is a transparent cover made for the “Hobonichi Techo HON,” a techo with a hardcover design attached to the book.

Used over your techo, it will help you keep your techo clean, protecting it from scratches and stains throughout the year.

You can make a techo of your own by slipping some photographs underneath the clear cover.

The cover comes in A6 size.

Specially designed for the HON hardcover book

Clear Cover HON has been specially measured for use on the HON books. 

[Incompatible books]
-Cover material that contains PVC, leather, or faux leather
*May affect the color or quality of the material

For A6 Size

Size H: 162 x W: 242 x T: 0.6 mm / H: 6.4" x W: 9.5" x T: 0.0"
Weight Approx. 23 g
Main material PVC


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