Hobonichi Stencil Speech Bubbles


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These mini stencils are designed to fit perfectly into the planner cover pockets.

The Speech Bubbles set includes a variety of speech and thought bubbles to spruce up your messages.

The grid design on the stencils is 3.7 mm, which matches with the 3.7 mm grid of the Japanese Original or Cousin. These stencils also work great with the English Planner, but please note the only difference is that the grid guide is slightly off from the 4 mm grid of the English Planner.

Size W: 63 mm × H: 94 mm × T: 0.5 mm
Main material: Acrylic
Other information: 3.7 mm grid design and 8.5 cm ruler
* This listing includes 1 stencil, last pic shown are all the stencils available, each sold separately.

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