Kakusta Portable Pen Stand Coral Pink


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Sonic Kakusta Portable Silicon Pen Stand won the Pen Case Award of the Japanese Stationery Awards 2024! It is the ultimate solution to your organization needs whether you're at home, school, office, or on the move.

Designed to enhance your productivity, this pen stand features a unique 60° partition that prevents your pens from getting buried, ensuring easy retrieval and saving you valuable time during study sessions or work projects.

Crafted for convenience, the Sonic Kakusta Pen Stand utilizes magnets to stick together, forming a stable triangular shape that stands securely on any surface. Its slim profile ensures it won't clutter your workspace, fitting seamlessly even on narrow desks.

Made from soft silicon material, the stand boasts a smooth surface that repels dirt and dust, maintaining its pristine appearance with minimal upkeep. Additionally, a small pocket provides storage for tiny essentials like erasers and sticky notes, keeping your workspace tidy and organized.

With its sleek and straightforward design, the Sonic Kakusta Portable Silicon Pen Stand is versatile enough to accompany you wherever you go, ensuring that your tools are always within reach and your workspace remains clutter-free. Elevate your efficiency and organization with the Sonic Kakusta Pen Stand today.

Includes 1 pen case. Each color sold separately.

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