Kuretake Karappo Empty Felt Tip Pen 0.4mm - Pack of 5


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Kuretake Karappo Felt Tip has a stiffer tip, making it easier for beginners to use.


Each Karappo pen comes with an empty core. To fill the pen, simply dip one end of the core in your favorite ink, you will see the ink rise up and soak up the core, when it's about fully soaked,  pull it out and wipe off any excess ink from the outside, then insert the core into the pen. Lastly, insert the stopper (end plug) until it snaps securely into place.  The pen includes 2 round labels that you can mark with the ink and stick to the top and bottom of the pen. And your Karappo Pen will now write with your favorite ink color!


  • Ink is not included.
  • Karappo pens are compatible with most bottled fountain pen ink and non-waterproof inks, but for best performance, Kuretake recommends using it with their  "Ink-Café at Home" kit.
  • Once the stopper is in place, it cannot be removed.
  • It takes about 2 to 2.5 ml of ink to fill an empty pen.

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